If you have a problem with your garage door, check our FAQ section below for answers to many common problems. If you still need help, then call our expert professionals for fast and expert service.

What are the safety cables?

The safety cables look like the regular garage door cables but they're used for an entirely different purpose. They're installed with extension garage door springs to keep them in one place in case springs break. The safety cable passes through the spring and is attached on the two sides. This way, it won't allow springs to fly.

What ensures garage door security?

Garage door security starts with the selection of durable panels and strong garage door parts, which cannot be forced. The quality of the opener system is also vital. Our experts always suggest garage door openers, which work with rolling codes. This way, codes transmitted between the opener and remote change constantly and no one can trace them.

My teenage son accidentally ran into my garage door. Do I need to replace the whole thing?

Experts at Garage Door Repair Sunrise highly recommend you to change the garage doors as there might be other problems with the mechanism of the door. But if you wish to change it by section, this can be done as well. Just make sure that you get the proper garage door tracks to go with your door.

Should I open my door manually?

It isn’t necessary to open your garage door manually. Most doors come equipped with an automatic door opener. They offer you the convenience of accessing your garage door from anywhere. You can open your door manually or with an automatic opener. It is your preference.

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