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Trust Liftmaster for its innovations

You can trust Liftmaster because it's one of the biggest garage door opener manufacturers and constantly introduces new accessories, which makes life easier. Its latest innovative accessory is the MyQ technology. With the internet gateway device, you can control the status of the garage door even if you're miles away and only with the help of your computer.

Check details when you get new openers

When the current garage door opener must be replaced, our professionals suggest focusing on the new opener's safety sensors. You must also get motors with sufficient horsepower for the weight of the door. You can find openers which move the door nine inches per second. If you lack space in the ceiling, get wall mount openers.

Quick fixes for a few common issues

Problems characterized by a difficulty of closing or opening the door can sometimes be easily fixed. Our experts say that the cause can often be traced to a few loose screws or bolts. Tightening them should do the trick. If the problem is something to do with the opener, cleaning and realigning its sensors can usually solve the issue.

Maintenance is key

Your automated garage door is an extremely complex electro-mechanical device. It consists of many different moving parts to make it function. It is extremely important to take proper care of it by regularly servicing both the door and the opener. There are some DIY tasks that you can do, but anything related to replacing or fixing any type of mechanism will have to be done by a well-trained professional.

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