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Our Garage Door Repair in Sunrise, Florida is the number one stop for garage door remote service and choice for our community. Our garage door contactor stands ready to provide emergency garage door repair for the community any time of day or night seven days a week. We feel that no other door company in Sunrise can match our dedication to customer satisfaction.  Let us prove our dedication to excellence to you as we have to our many loyal garage door customers over the years.

Garage Door RemoteOur Sunrise Florida garage door openers trouble shooting service can help track down even the most difficult of garage door opener problems. We also provide some of the most popular brand names in Sunrise FL garage door remotes like:

  •     Genie garage door opener is one of the more popular garage door openers with a wide range of prices and features
  •     Liftmaster garage door opener is one of the most well known garage door openers and provides excellent value and security
  •     Chamberlain garage door opener is a well-known garage door opener with value priced and high-end openers.
  •     Craftsman garage door opener is a middle range garage door opener with a variety of features
  •     Sears garage door opener is built by the well known Sears company with quality parts
  •     Marantec garage door opener offers a garage door opener made in American of German design and many feel it is the best of both worlds.

When choosing a new garage door opener the type of motor drive must also be considered. Our Sunrise garage door opener can assist you if you are uncertain as to the type your garage door should have however the three main types are the belt drive, screw drive and the chain drive.

  •     Chain drive is usually the noisiest and least expensive of the drive choices. It may be used in low clearance situations as well.
  •     Screw drive is popular because they it is less noisy than the chain drive and yet just as functional
  •     Belt drive is the quietest in operation and often a little more expensive than the screw drive or chain drive.

To get the most from your garage door opener let the professionals at Sunrise garage door openers install and maintain your garage door opener system.

Garage door remotes are important security measures for Sunrise garage door owners. Our choice of garage door remote is unequalled and we strive to provide the best in both choice and quality for our customers with brands like:

  •     Liftmaster Security Plus and the Genie Intellicode both feature codes that change every time the door remote is used.
  •     Clicker door remote is popular as both a replacement remote and a spare remote for the third or fourth family car since it works with almost any opener.
  •     Multi Code remotes are most frequently used when two or more door codes need to be sent at the same time.

Garage door replacement/installation needs in Sunrise are easily taken care of by our professional door technicians. If you need your door windows replaced or an entirely new door, our professional door techs can ensure your new door fits well and is safety is a priority.  Glass doors are best choices where natural sun is a plus for the garage. Though some more security conscious residential customers prefer a single row of door windows, glass doors are gaining in popularity.

As a service to our customers in Sunrise we offer doors in a variety of  styles and materials including:

  •     Aluminum doors which are corrosion resistant and need low maintenance
  •     Steel doors which perfectly finishes and have nice looking
  •     Wood doors which are the standard for elegance and come in a variety of stains and styles
  •     Craftsman doors for the unique and best designer door

Garage door replacement or installation can be heavy work and each door requires careful placement in order to work in normal way. It is always wisest to call our Sunrise garage door replacement/installation experts and be sure your door is done right.

Garage door springs service and repair calls are ones we take very seriously. The door spring is a vital part of a functioning system but if not installed properly or wound tightly it can be harmful and reduce life time of the door. Broken garage door spring repair or replacement isn't a safe weekend do it yourself project for the inexperienced. Garage door springs that snap when untrained installers attempt to repair or tighten them have been known to cause serious injury or even death. Let our professional technicians install or adjust your door springs for you safely. Galvanized door springs, extension springs and torsion springs are the main types. All of these are precisely calibrated and placed to ensure the exact lift necessary without reducing longevity of the door spring. The torsion spring is the least likely to become the cause of injury if that is not properly installed? However incorrect installation or adjustment can reduce the life of the spring. The extension spring also  be very harmful to the novice installer and that is why we urge you to call our Sunrise broken spring repair/replacement professionals.Galvanized door springs are usually used where chemicals or salt problem exists.

Garage door maintenance or adjustments are important parts to door service that prevents unusual repairs. Scheduling parts checks regularly, maintenance lubrication & inspection for loose or worn holders and brackets can extend the life of any system. We try to save our loyal customers in Sunrise from the hazard of unnecessary repairs.

Eventually even the carefully maintained  door may suffer some issue and problem that requires repairs. Our technicians are at the ready when a broken emergency release, there’s adoor off track, or the need to replace section of door arises. We can also install bottom rubber strips and weather strip to seal your garage against dust,  drafts, and debris.

Our professional door cables & tracks technicians can keep your door rail system straight. In Sunrise a broken cable isn’t a huge problem when our door cables and tracksprofessionals are called.

A cable loose, cable came off the drum or cable snapped is as easy to fix as a phone call to our experts at Garage Door Repair Sunrise.

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