The Magic of the Torsion Spring

The Magic of the Torsion Spring

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You may never think about them when you use your garage door, but all throughout the process, the torsion springs are doing a lot of work. So it is only fitting that you should understand them and how they work so that you can give them the respect and attention that they require. Read on and behold their awesome might.

Pay attention, it is time to introduce the torsion spring

The Magic of the Torsion SpringSprings are mechanism made to store up energy. This means that when they are stretched out, there is a lot of energy contained ready to leap forward so that the spring may recoil. This energy is what allows them to tighten. On a garage door, the spring is twisted up in a way which makes torsion springs more effective at energy storage than any other type of spring.

The springs on the typical garage door are connected to the top of the door horizontally. So when you pull the door down, there are cables attached to the bottom of the door which makes the springs tighten up. This fills the mechanism with energy which is then given to the door itself which lifts it up into the air and thus making opening easy and safe.

Since the spring operates by being put under extreme stress, it is not surprising that it has a limited lifespan. They will eventually weaken and break. For this, it is highly recommended to make sure you have a safety cable installed for each spring, without it they can fly out and harm anyone in their path. Additionally, exposure to the elements can cause them to corrode which shortens their overall lifespan. However, their life is actually reasonably long so you will get a good number of years out of them before they snap. If your springs break, you should call us immediately and not attempt to fix them yourself because they can be very dangerous to untrained hands.

Broken spring replacement is one of the most common garage door repair services asked for, and as a professional company we are ready for any situation. We carry all types, brands and sizes of springs, and so if you suspect yours is about to give way, give us a call.

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